Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Brrrrrr, I'm freezing!

I've dug out my proper winter clothes!

Hopefully when the extension is finished I'll be able to find somewhere a bit brighter to take the photos!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

The Morning After the Night Before!

Well, we did it! We started left home at 9.15 pm, drove to Farnham Station, caught a double decker bus to Shalford Park in Guildford, got fed soup, french bread and flapjack (yum, and very non-weight watchers!), hung around for a looooong while, did a warm up, got cold again while they read through the safety rules, and finally went through the start at 12.15am.

We trudged on and on, up and down hills ("gently sloping" my a**e!), through sand, dark, dark woods, over tree roots and through kissing gates, and finally arrived, 10 very very long miles later at the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice just before 4 am.

Here I am this morning, after under 4 hours sleep, with my medal (which I just put on to show you - I'm not wearing it right now lol!).

The sponsorship page is still open, so if you fancy donating just click on the link on the left.

Boring outfit today, as a result of not actually being able to think properly - black t-shirt, "new" levis and cleo crocs (which are majorly comfy, and most important for today, not squashing any of my slightly sore toes today!).

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Step It Up!

Just the one photo today - my t-shirt arrived ready for our "sponsored walk" on Saturday. (and I was on the phone to my mum, in case you were wondering!)

Mum, me and Kim (my friend from work) are taking part in Steps Under the Stars in aid of the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice.

The Hospice provided tremendous support for Mum and Dad before he died in August 2007. They are run entirely on charitable donations, and it costs £10,000 each and every day to offer the invaluable services they offer.

Our sponsored walk is 10 miles long, which doesn't sound too much of a challenge (ahem!), until you build in the fact that we don't start walking until midnight! The route is along the unlit south downs way, from Guildford to Farnham, so lots of ups and downs, mud and puddles! We hope to finish sometime around 4 in the morning.

If you would like to sponsor us please click on the link on the left - any donations, whatever size, will be very, very gratefully received.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Night Out, and 2nd pair of Levi's!

This is the outfit I wore out last night - you can't actually see the trousers at all well, but they are black "skinny flare" jeans from Next, and I've got the "built in bolero" top on as well.

Had a lovely meal out at Mama Mia in Hartley Wintney, highly recommended!

And here's today's "after work" outfit.

These are the other pair of ebay Levi's.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

80's Nostalgia!

A new top for work today - it's a "built in bolero" top lol!

I got home from work to find my latest ebay purchases have arrived - 2 pairs of Levi's for under a tenner, including postage (under £2 for the jeans by themselves!).

Today I stuck on my 80's favourites - 501's. Rhian has turned her nose up at them, and I'm not sure they are "on trend", but as a nostalgia trip they are wonderful! Thanks to the weight watchers I'm even in the same size I was last time I wore them probably 20 years ago!

I used to justify spending almost £50 on jeans that 501's were the only jeans that fit me properly - and I have to say I'm wearing these jeans without a belt to hold them up for the first time in I can't remember how long - so perhaps I was right!

What do you think of the style though?

I'm off out for a meal with old friends tonight, so I'll (maybe) take a photo of that outfit to - I'm planning a mixture of the top I wore to work today, together with some new "skinny flare" black jeans I bought in next today! The other Levi's will be putting in an appearance over the next couple of days I am sure :-)

Monday, 15 September 2008

Not inspired today!

No "work" photo today, as it was the black trousers, black shoes and the purple jumper I had on last Sunday!

Our builders have started today, so I just wanted something quick to change into before making them tea! (they turned down my biscuits!)

Sunday, 14 September 2008


I've put in a new template, which has put some of the photos out of alignment :-$

I haven't got the inclination to go back and sort them out, so please accept my apologies for the shoddy looking layout in my previous posts! I shall make sure future posts are looking better!

We are in the process of having an extension built - if you're interested pop over to my other blog and check out the progress!

Lazy Sunday

First an "experimental" outfit - I bought the top about 3 years ago with the intention of shrinking to fit it. 3 years later it now fits, but I'm not sure it's in fashion anymore! I wasn't sure what to wear with it, so I had it on with leggings in the picture - any thoughts gratefully received!

And today was a day with lots of odd jobs - Sainsbury's, then grass mowing, followed by a good tidy up of the front garden lavendar which had completely overgrown, and finished off with a good old bounce with the girls on the trampoline!

I know the top swamps me - I just needed comfort clothes!

Saturday, 13 September 2008


Before and after weight loss shots - in the same dress, 11 weeks apart.

I am very nearly at my goal weight - 9 stone 10lbs (from 11 stone 6.5lbs), although may aim to get down to 9 stone 7lbs to give me a bit more leeway to keep under 10stone :-)

I hadn't realised how fat my face was looking!

Friday, 12 September 2008

Friday - end of the week!

Work outfit. I bought this cardigan a couple of weeks ago in Sainsbury's, and have been waiting for the weather to be chilly enough to wear it!

Got a few compliments today about it, so I'm guessing it's a winner!

This afternoon I am actually wearing size 12 clothes all over (apart from my boots lol!), so hopefully not swamped this afternoon!

Thank you for the comments yesterday - I will see if I can find some "before" shots to show you what I was trying to hide. I'm only 1lb (arrrgh!) away from my goal weight now :-)

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Thursday's Outfits

Work outfit - simple!

Then came my "afternoon outfit".

This is a dress I picked up in the tesco sale last winter - I think I wore it once, without a belt, over jeans. Steve wanted to know why I was wearing a maternity smock :-$

So today I thought I'd try it with a belt under my bust.

As you can see, I wasn't overly impressed with the "all black" look.....

and then I found my white top in the washing bin, and a purple belt of Rhian's!

Now, you ladies know I'm not a great one for being even remotely adventurous, so the next photo is what I'm actually wearing for the school run!

Actually looking at the photos I think the denim skirt looks awful!

Oh well, too late to change it now - but give me some inspiration for tomorrow please!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Pink Skirt!

This morning's work outfit

Feeling elegant!

And this afternoon's! Feeling dumpy!!

T-shirt is too long to wear under stuff perhaps! and these shoes I think are too flat for me - they're like plimsolls and I've never felt properly "grown up" in them!

Thanks for the comments about yesterday's outfits - I am glad I wore the waistcoat to work, and I am still undecided about the cardigan! I did wear it out of the house, and nobody fell about laughing though, so perhaps I'll keep it as a "what can I wear today" cardi? Or I could wear it to work where my brutally honest friend will be brutally honest lol!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Mmmm..... not sure!

Experimental outfit warning!

I found this cardigan in the remnants of the M&S sale, and decided I was intrigued enough to buy it - but I've not idea how to wear it, or even if I should!

Definitely one for honest opinions - even if those opinions are "for goodness sake do not leave the house in it, take it straight to the nearest fabric re-cycling hole!"

By the way, I've not gone mad in the second shot - I was merely trying to show you the lovely (?!) batwing nature of the sleeves! I've not worn batwings since 1986, when my Gran knitted me a beautiful pastel batwing jumper (peach, lemon, blue and white it was, I used to wear it with white puffy trousers and peach stripey espadriles!).

Tuesday - Work Oufit

Was feeling braver today after your very helpful comments, so actually left the house in the waistcoat!

Monday, 8 September 2008

School Run and Gym!

So I got home from work and slipped into something more comfortable - jeans, t-shirt and a jumper - along with my infamous red low-top converse :-)

At the last minute decided to try something different while fiddling with the self timer!

And then I got changed into outfit number 3, which is not the slightest bit flattering or fashionable - I decided to go to the gym while Kira was swimming. She insisted on being in the photo!

I shan't show you a pic of my current outfit - baggy old pj's!

Monday - Work Outfit

Started out in this........

then chickened out at the last minute and actually left the house without the waistcoat!

I think I wasn't sure if I looked a bit "shouldery" with the waistcoat on, and it felt a bit "out there" for a work outfit!

And, after a comment at work today - does my head look big?

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Friends for Lunch

We've got old, lovely friends coming for lunch today. It's usually a lovely, relaxed afternoon where we just sit, chat and chill :-)

Rhian couldn't understand why I was wearing high-heels for a trip to Sainsbury's - I told her "why not - a girl can wear high heels whenever she wants!"

I'm gathering quite a collection of purple jumpers!

What do you think of this one?

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Lazy Day

Today is just a "lounging day" where we have nothing planned, except a bit of housework!

I'd just been up in the loft immediately prior to this shot, hence the boots! They were the first thing that came to hand (I hadn't got around to putting them away after wearing them yesterday!) I personally wouldn't normally wear such short boots with a skirt, but dh said he thought they looked OK - so I need some proper opinions please!

Trip to the London Museums

Kira had an INSET day on Friday, and Rhian was back at school, so we headed up to London to meet my sister and my Niece and to visit the Science Museum, and the Natural History Museum

Weather forecast was very wet, and Rhian had said the Science Museum was always warm, so I went for a jumper over a t-shirt! (again, unfortunately there is a size 16 t-shirt under a size 12 jumper - I've been buying new smaller stuff, but haven't got as far as all the t-shirts yet!).

side view

I have a short body, and longer legs, and I find it hard to balance them out. I think this outfit makes it obvious?

and the choice of boots! I went for the ones that went under the boots as I always feel a bit odd with the other ones!

As is becoming tradition - thoughts please!

Thank you ;-)

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Wednesday - Cinema and Ice-Skating

Both girls were on an inset day, and it being the day before R went back to school, we had a fun day planned.

"Casual" is where (I feel) I struggle (although your comments may make me revise that!).

The white top is too big (I've just lost 20lbs), and is a size 16 under a size 12 knitted waistcoat thingy, so unfortunately it bunched up.

Although the white top is sticking out of the bottom in the photo, I managed to arrange it so it wasn't after the photo was taken!

Thoughts please!

(And I've seriously got to work on my poses!)

Tuesday - Work Oufit

Here is the first outfit for rating! Black trousers, black top and green shoes!
It was a bit chilly, so I popped on my denim jacket for the journey, thinking it might add a "youthful" touch! (and I'm not sure why I've got a "thoughtful pose" thing happening!)

and a close up of the shoes (which were a gift from my lovely friend kate of School Gate Chic fame!)

So, what do you think? - remember "honesty" is the key word here - I need you to be brutal!

I would also like to apologise for the absolutely terrible amount of clutter around my house at the moment - we are about to start an extension, so currently have all sorts of rubbish spread about the place :-$ (and, to be perfectly honest, we really are the messiest family!)

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

New Blog

I'm a hopelessly scruffy git. Work outfits are OK (ish!), but in the afternoons I tend to take of my skirt or smart trousers and stick my jeans on!

I'm also hopeless at knowing what looks good on me, and what looks shocking - so I'm setting up this blog in order for the people on the good old tinterweb to help me out. We also don't have a full-length mirror at home, so actually seeing the whole outfit and how it hangs together is a bit tricky for me at the moment!

My plan is this - I post a photo of what I'm wearing (which won't be every day as I wear alot of my outfits often, and I don't want to bore the world!), and you comment, honestly, on what you think. I'm also after advice on accessorising, or looking my age, or just "don't wear that outfit again... ever!". Honesty is the key here!

Anyone up for that challenge?