Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Mmmm..... not sure!

Experimental outfit warning!

I found this cardigan in the remnants of the M&S sale, and decided I was intrigued enough to buy it - but I've not idea how to wear it, or even if I should!

Definitely one for honest opinions - even if those opinions are "for goodness sake do not leave the house in it, take it straight to the nearest fabric re-cycling hole!"

By the way, I've not gone mad in the second shot - I was merely trying to show you the lovely (?!) batwing nature of the sleeves! I've not worn batwings since 1986, when my Gran knitted me a beautiful pastel batwing jumper (peach, lemon, blue and white it was, I used to wear it with white puffy trousers and peach stripey espadriles!).


Meg said...

I like it - but I am a cardi queen!

I would have liked a more creative explanation for the second pose though!

I saw espadrilles in Office the other day...shame you didn't hang on to that outfit!

Anonymous said...

I've looked, I've considered, I've looked again and I just can't decide about this cardi.