Thursday, 11 September 2008

Thursday's Outfits

Work outfit - simple!

Then came my "afternoon outfit".

This is a dress I picked up in the tesco sale last winter - I think I wore it once, without a belt, over jeans. Steve wanted to know why I was wearing a maternity smock :-$

So today I thought I'd try it with a belt under my bust.

As you can see, I wasn't overly impressed with the "all black" look.....

and then I found my white top in the washing bin, and a purple belt of Rhian's!

Now, you ladies know I'm not a great one for being even remotely adventurous, so the next photo is what I'm actually wearing for the school run!

Actually looking at the photos I think the denim skirt looks awful!

Oh well, too late to change it now - but give me some inspiration for tomorrow please!


Anonymous said...

you should try clothes closer to your size. i have the same problem. its like i'm trying to hide something...which i am, but you seem slim and well porportioned to show your shape a little bit more. you can still be conservative without being bogged down in clothes. i say go 1 size smaller in your shirts at least. or show us something with some short sleeves or something.

Anonymous said...

I much prefer the purple belt outfit today. It looks really cool. I do agree with the other comment though, you do seem a bit swamped by some of your stuff which is a shame cos you have a great figure.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comments.

"Anonymous" (mmm.... intriguing lol) - I have recently gone down 2 dress sizes (from nearly a 14 bottom/16 top to a 10 on the bottom half/12 top) in under 3 months, thanks to weight-watchers, so alot of my clothes are currently too big! (and I had bought them bigger than actually needed to hide my old shape - the black jumper I have on this afternoon is an 18!) I am slowly replacing them, but at the moment we can't afford for me to completely renew my wardrobe. My newer stuff is smaller though (my work trousers, for example, and the shirts I wore with the waistcoat are both size 12.