Saturday, 6 September 2008

Trip to the London Museums

Kira had an INSET day on Friday, and Rhian was back at school, so we headed up to London to meet my sister and my Niece and to visit the Science Museum, and the Natural History Museum

Weather forecast was very wet, and Rhian had said the Science Museum was always warm, so I went for a jumper over a t-shirt! (again, unfortunately there is a size 16 t-shirt under a size 12 jumper - I've been buying new smaller stuff, but haven't got as far as all the t-shirts yet!).

side view

I have a short body, and longer legs, and I find it hard to balance them out. I think this outfit makes it obvious?

and the choice of boots! I went for the ones that went under the boots as I always feel a bit odd with the other ones!

As is becoming tradition - thoughts please!

Thank you ;-)

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Anonymous said...

You don't look out fo proportion at all and anyway - long legs should be shown off! I like both pairs of boots too.