Thursday, 4 September 2008

Wednesday - Cinema and Ice-Skating

Both girls were on an inset day, and it being the day before R went back to school, we had a fun day planned.

"Casual" is where (I feel) I struggle (although your comments may make me revise that!).

The white top is too big (I've just lost 20lbs), and is a size 16 under a size 12 knitted waistcoat thingy, so unfortunately it bunched up.

Although the white top is sticking out of the bottom in the photo, I managed to arrange it so it wasn't after the photo was taken!

Thoughts please!

(And I've seriously got to work on my poses!)


Anonymous said...

hi is ice staking fun? i learn in line staking and its really fun, and someone told me that ice staking is like the same,

Anonymous said...

This doesn't show off your figure as well as it could - the waistcoat thing makes you look bigger round the waist than you are - however, it is better with the top poking out - the layers work to pull the outfit together.

Anonymous said...

Ice skating is a lot of fun, and is pretty much the same as inline skating :-)

Have a go :-)

almond said...

I reckon that the waistcoat look could work with a more fitted waistcoat.