Sunday, 12 October 2008


And to prove my point that the children aren't very good photographers, I asked Kira to take my photo today! This was her third attempt too! Actually, it's just as well she's cut off the top of my head, we'd been swimming and my hair is all fluffy!

What do you think of the vest poking out the bottom of the jumper? and these are my other pair of new jeans - I'll forgive you for not noticing as they're not noticeably different to my others! lol!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

"Grandad" look!

New Jeans - Size 8 :-) and another knitted waistcoat - this is an old one, with a new grandad style top underneath.

I'm loving being at target weight - I went to Body Combat for the first time in months and months yesterday - the instructor said "lovely to see you back" then said "where is the rest of you - you look wonderful" I smiled for most of the class on the back of that comment! Loads of people I've not seen for a little while are also being really complimentary at the moment - I'm loving it, and it's a definite incentive to keep it off!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


First my work outfit for today - I'm having another go with the knitted waistcoat which made me look a little thick at the waist a couple of months ago!

Is it any better today? (I am definitely less thick around the actual waist now anyway lol)

And then to the "whoops"

I went into Tesco to take back a pair of jeans (too short!), and this coat fell at my feet shouting "you must buy me - I am just what you have been thinking about buying to keep you warm and stylish in the winter"

That's what it was saying to me - but before I take the tags out of it, what do you think?

(and, in case Steve is reading this, it was the only one left in the shop at all, the lady at the till said they had been flying out of the shop, it was my size, and it was £10 off, so once I'd traded in the too short jeans, it was only £5!)

Monday, 6 October 2008

Sorry for the lack of photos!

We've moved the dining table and chairs to my mum's while the extension is happening (check here for progress reports on that!), and I was using one of the chairs to prop the camera on - so now I have to rely on children being around to take my photo, and too be honest their photography skills aren't up to much! lol

This was my work outfit from Thursday last week - I had high heels on by the time I left the house! The lovely purple and green dyson is just a little accessory I thought added a certain something!

I'm not really sure about the longer sleeves under the shorter sleeves, but it was a look I saw someone at work pull off, so thought I'd give it a try! (turns out she was running really late and by the time she'd realised she'd put on a 3/4 sleeve jumper she just had to go lol!)

This was my outfit from Saturday morning - off to lunch at my Mum's with my sister. This was just before I hit Next and bought myself some new jeans which actually fit!

I am very pleased, and surprised, to announce I am now a size 8 in Next!

I have now moved onto "maintenance" weight watchers points, so get an extra 6 a day! I wanted to buy some new jeans as an incentive to keep the weight off - I am passing on all my larger clothes, so that I will need to keep in my lovely new size 8's or buy some new clothes - which I am determined not to do!

This photo is supposed to be showing off my new sterling silver necklace and earrings which I managed to pick up through a special offer I saw on hotukdeals for just £4.95 P&P! They're good, solid pieces, and I think they're very pretty, although you can't actually see the earrings here!

I was also going for a slightly "funkier than normal" hair day on Saturday! Again, I would like you to ignore the "accessories" in the background - Steve is currently without a study!