Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Work Outfit today

My wardrobe staple last winter were 3 v-neck jumper from Next - one black, one pink and one purple.

Sadly they are all a size 18 (which I never was, but in order to hide the lumps and bumps an 18 was required) and now swamp me.

So I was in Outfit on Tuesday, picking up a red t-shirt for Rhian (she's dancing in the school production of HSM!), and I saw this bottle green v-neck lurking behind a row of black ones!

I had colour analysis done many years ago, and bottle green is "one of my colours", but I haven't seen ANYTHING bottle green in the shops for years. I therefore HAD to buy it!

I also HAD to buy some new work trousers last week - the size 10s I bought at the end of August were rather large around my bum, and even my waist!! These are a size 8 (tescos) and the jumper is a 10! I'm a very happy bunny!

And here's another shot to show you the colour, which didn't come out too well in the other photo!

The extension is coming on well, so hopefully it will only be a few more weeks before normal service resumes! (which needs us to get our dining room chairs back from Mum's garage, and having a blank wall to stand in front of!)

Sunday, 16 November 2008

New Boots! and an update from previous post!

Having just had a little bit of an inheritance, I decided to be a bit frivolous! I popped into Clarks in Farnham with the intention of buying some high-heeled brogue type shoes I have been coveting! I put them on, and decided I didn't like them after all!

I have been looking for a chunkier style long boot for a while, but on a tighter budget! In Clarks they had these reduced by £30 so they we under £70 (that might make A feel a bit better Kate - at least your boot habit is cheap lol), so I decided to just go for them :-) I am a little bit concerned about the sizing though - I'm normally a 6.5 in Clarks, but for some reason these are a 5.5, and are still maybe a tiny bit big!

An update from my previous post - I kept everything except for the "maternity top", as I was not really sure what I would wear it with! (although I now have a pair of skinny jeans which fit (which you can see in the photo with the boots!) so perhaps next time I'm in M&S I'll get another one lol!)

And on a completely different subject, I am very, very proud and pleased to announce that Steve has reached his target weight - take a look at his latest blog post to see what a difference 100 lbs make!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Long time, no post!

I am so sorry for the lack of posts! Unfortunately the house is in absolute chaos with the extension due to come inside this week, so I haven't had anywhere to take photos, and I had a self-imposed shopping ban last month, so I had nothing to show you you hadn't already seen!

But now I need your help!

I went shopping with Rhian yesterday to M&S, mainly because my new bras were too big!

Sorted out the bras, then 4 items fell into my basket!

But I need your help - I don't know if they're "boomerang buys" (ie they need to go straight back!) or keepers!

This is just a simple just above the knee denim skirt, but Steve tells me it's a "Granny Skirt".

This is a royal blue (the colour doesn't really show here) "cashmillion" knit - you also can't see it here, but it has a pleated effect on the chest. My main concern with this is that the sleeves are too short.

This is a "2 tops in 1" - the grey looking bit is actually dark grey and black thin stripes.

This is the one I am most unsure about - Rhian says it looks good, but Steve says it's a maternity top!

Please excuse the state of me in these photos - in my defence I had not long been back from Body Combat (which I think is very commendable going at 9.30 on a Sunday morning!)