Sunday, 16 November 2008

New Boots! and an update from previous post!

Having just had a little bit of an inheritance, I decided to be a bit frivolous! I popped into Clarks in Farnham with the intention of buying some high-heeled brogue type shoes I have been coveting! I put them on, and decided I didn't like them after all!

I have been looking for a chunkier style long boot for a while, but on a tighter budget! In Clarks they had these reduced by £30 so they we under £70 (that might make A feel a bit better Kate - at least your boot habit is cheap lol), so I decided to just go for them :-) I am a little bit concerned about the sizing though - I'm normally a 6.5 in Clarks, but for some reason these are a 5.5, and are still maybe a tiny bit big!

An update from my previous post - I kept everything except for the "maternity top", as I was not really sure what I would wear it with! (although I now have a pair of skinny jeans which fit (which you can see in the photo with the boots!) so perhaps next time I'm in M&S I'll get another one lol!)

And on a completely different subject, I am very, very proud and pleased to announce that Steve has reached his target weight - take a look at his latest blog post to see what a difference 100 lbs make!

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Anonymous said...

Firstly, I am loving your new boots! I think Alan would have a heart attack if I spent that much on boots. Secondly, well done Mr Tat!!!! He looks fantastic!