Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Work Outfit today

My wardrobe staple last winter were 3 v-neck jumper from Next - one black, one pink and one purple.

Sadly they are all a size 18 (which I never was, but in order to hide the lumps and bumps an 18 was required) and now swamp me.

So I was in Outfit on Tuesday, picking up a red t-shirt for Rhian (she's dancing in the school production of HSM!), and I saw this bottle green v-neck lurking behind a row of black ones!

I had colour analysis done many years ago, and bottle green is "one of my colours", but I haven't seen ANYTHING bottle green in the shops for years. I therefore HAD to buy it!

I also HAD to buy some new work trousers last week - the size 10s I bought at the end of August were rather large around my bum, and even my waist!! These are a size 8 (tescos) and the jumper is a 10! I'm a very happy bunny!

And here's another shot to show you the colour, which didn't come out too well in the other photo!

The extension is coming on well, so hopefully it will only be a few more weeks before normal service resumes! (which needs us to get our dining room chairs back from Mum's garage, and having a blank wall to stand in front of!)

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