Friday, 23 January 2009

Advice please.....

First my outfit from today (and Kira!)

Not my "usual" thing at all - a bold pattern and a slight smock style - bit of an impulse buy on Christmas Eve, and I wore it on Christmas Day and New Years Eve - but today was it's first daytime outting!

Next the advice......

I am 37 years old, nearly 38 (gulp) - am I too old for skinny jeans (and these are SKINNY skinny jeans, iykwim!)

They still have the labels in, so they can go back.

Rhian, the typical sniffy teenager, has given them the thumbs up, but I'm not sure she's a good judge of "mutton dressed up as lamb" - and that's a look I desperately want to avoid!

I was thinking I would wear them with my black boots in the winter, ballet pumps when it's warmer.

If you give me the thumbs up!

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with skinnies - I have a black pair I wear a lot - it's the skin-tight skinny-ness of these I'm just not sure about!

and excuse the bum shot - Rhian's only concern was that they were a bit tight around my backside!

Any thoughts - and I mean any thoughts - very gratefully received (before I step outside and potentially become a laughing stock!)

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Monday and Tuesday Outfits

Now, I don't think I've got the inspiration/inclination/dedication to post everyday!


Gave in and got Kira to take my photo!

Trousers: Tesco
tops: Sainsburys
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

I haven't got really big hair - there's a shadow!

And this is me with my "outside" clothes on!

Coat: Tesco
Gloves: Tesco (a bargain at £1!)
Scarf: a gift from Spain!
Handbag: M&S

Tuesday work outfit:

White Top: Sainsburys
Waistcoat and Trousers: Next
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

I'm not quite sure how I've managed to make myself look so tall! I'm really only 5ft 6! (+ heels!). I was running a training course today, so thought I'd better make a bit of an effort!

After work Tuesday:

Skinnies: Next
Top: River Island (Christmas Present from my lovely sister!)

Can anyone suggest what I'm doing to have so many (what Yvette Fielding/Most Haunted would call) light anomolies? Is it just because my house is dusty - or is it my Dad, haunting my house?!

(and as a side note, I'm still looking for somewhere to take my photo on self timer - that last photo involved a blob of blue tack on the bottom of the camera - which ripped a hole in my beautifully glossed windowsill when I picked it up!)

Sunday, 18 January 2009


Firstly, I promised you I'd be wearing more of my collection of necklaces! This was what I was wearing on Thursday, which was my Christmas present from Kira :-)

You may have noticed that I've been struggling to find somewhere decent to take my daily photos, which is the reason I've not posted too many in recent months.

The extension is now all but finished (apart from the eternal painting - argggh!), so I've been trying to find somewhere. I really wanted your comments on Saturday's outfit, so I thought I'd try and take my photo from the dining room table!

Obviously this photo has it's benefits! I will keep trying to find somewhere suitable!

I found this cardigan in with the shoes, I've not worn it for ages (used to wear it when I was bigger in an attempt to draw attention away from my belly by emphasising my boobs!) - can I still wear it do you think? or does it cut me up into sections?

Sorry for the plethora of posts today - I have done my weekend quota of eternal painting, and I've got a lot of my mind! I've still got some more questions I want to put to you - around age and suitability of items etc, so please come back soon!

I found a body in my wardrobe!

Lurking, deep under all those shoes, was this - a genuine, vintage early 90's "body"

They really were awful items - this one appears to have had the added joy of having a g-string style under popper thingy!

I my defence (ahem!) I wore it to my Gran's wedding, with a beautiful red felt jacket with big silver buttons, and a rather short navy blue felt skirt with a red and green tartan pattern. I also used to wear it quite alot with a black watch tartan waistcoat (I used to interchange it with a bottle green roll neck body).

Remember, please, before you condem me to solitary confinement, this was the early 90's, and I was bang on trend!

If anyone wants it you're going to have to trawl round the "make a wish foundation" shops! (you'll probably find it next to the 20 year old badminton shoes!)

Shoe Cull!

I have a shoe "thing" - I love shoes. My name is Katie, and I am a shoe addict - there, I've said it!

Unfortunately I don't have a tidy/housework type "thing", so the amount of shoes had become a bit of an issue.

Shoes are basically piled haphazardly into the bottom of my wardrobe. Often it's a problem trying to find a pair, I forget I even have some shoes when they sink to the bottom of the heap. Trying to find anything is an issue. Add this to the fact that I rarely throw anything out, particularly shoes, means that I have shoes in that heap that I was given for my 18th birthday, and I don't even play badminton anymore, so why on earth have I kept a pair of nearly 20 year old badminton shoes!

One night last week I put my shoes of the day away (there's usually at least 2 pairs - work and after-work), and suddenly there was what could only be described as a shoe avalanche.

Enough was enough - some of my lovely, lovely, and not-so-lovely shoes just had to go.

I had the day off work on Friday as we were having a new garage door fitted - as I wasn't going to be able to leave the house I wrote myself a list of things to do - and top of that list was "shoe cull"

So I started by laying all my shoes out, in pairs, on the bed (which is a king-size, in case you wanted some perspective!). 46 pairs in total! Actually not as many as I thought, actually!

I started by chucking out anything that wasn't actually wearable any more - walking shoes that I'd replaced because the sole was too thin, kitten heels that were very scruffy and needed re-heeling, pointy toed shoes where the toes had completely worn through - those sort of things!

Then I looked, and considered, and decided there were some shoes that I just wouldn't wear anymore! Red pumps that were always a bit of a strange shape, tescos cheap converse rip-offs which have always rubbed my ankles, mules which I have never been able to walk in!

That left me with this lot!

which look less when all put together! 26 pairs, including boots, which I wasn't so brutal with - boots cost a lot of money, and are worth saving until they are back in fashion!

Unfortunately I've not got enough space to be as organised as Kate and put them all in boxes, but they are now in a much neater pile in the bottom of the wardrobe, and are "zoned" with summer shoes at the bottom, boots at one end etc.

Saturday, 10 January 2009


Now I'm not normally a big one for accessorising, tending to wear the same silver necklace for weeks on end, until I swap it for another silver necklace, which I will then wear for weeks!

I do have a lovely collection of necklaces, added to by my lovely secret santa (thank you Meg! - these "secrets" never stay secrets for long!), so I decided it was time for a change! This lovely turqoise and green necklace went beautifully with my green v-neck on Thursday and will definitely be making a reappearance soon :-) I will be making more of an effort to wear different necklaces more often - so watch this space while I release the collection!

Before Christmas I bought this top in M&S, on a bit of a whim as a bit of a change. I'd not felt brave enough to wear it until Friday, when I decided to wear it to work. I was very unsure about the styling - it's very "something my Mum used to wear when I was 10" (so early 80's), but I decided to bite the bullet and just wear it!

I actually had several people mention what a pretty top I was wearing on Friday, so I'm guessing it's not as bad as I thought! What do you think though - Rhian told me not to wear it as I looked like a sack of potatoes in it! (don't you just love new teenagers!)

And finally my hat - my hat, my hat, my hat!

Now, as a woman with very short hair, I don't often wear hats as they give me the look my Dad resorted to when he lost his hair after chemo. It has been so damn cold this winter so far, and with my new resolution to walk to school whenever it's not raining (so that won't be often then lol - particulary in the summer!), I got myself a new hat (previous hats are decidedly "granny-fied").

I appreciate that I'm never going to look good in a hat - but it's keeping my ears warm!

Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Had a quick visit to the Next sale at the beginning of the week, and got this new outfit for work, waistcoat reduced from £40 to £10, and trousers reduced from £45 to £20 :-) Also picked up some combats, some knee length jeans and some shorts for the summer, and a pair of skinnies for Rhian, all for £80 - so less than work outfit should have been full price! I was particularly pleased about the knee length jeans, as I had tried them on at the end of August, but they didn't have my size - I wouldn't have got to wear them much anyway, and they were £12 from £28 :-)

I also popped into Outfit, and fell in lurve with these shoes. Rhian was losing the will to live while I strode backwards and forwards in the shop, deciding a) whether I actually needed them, and then b) whether the 7 was too big and the 6 not too small! I finally settled on the 6 as the 7's were slipping off with each step!

The do look better with thinner tights :-)

and then I was in Sainsbury's yesterday, and I've been admiring people pulling off the layering look, so I bought this little knitted top for £6, and tried it out today, and am very pleased with the result :-)