Saturday, 10 January 2009


Now I'm not normally a big one for accessorising, tending to wear the same silver necklace for weeks on end, until I swap it for another silver necklace, which I will then wear for weeks!

I do have a lovely collection of necklaces, added to by my lovely secret santa (thank you Meg! - these "secrets" never stay secrets for long!), so I decided it was time for a change! This lovely turqoise and green necklace went beautifully with my green v-neck on Thursday and will definitely be making a reappearance soon :-) I will be making more of an effort to wear different necklaces more often - so watch this space while I release the collection!

Before Christmas I bought this top in M&S, on a bit of a whim as a bit of a change. I'd not felt brave enough to wear it until Friday, when I decided to wear it to work. I was very unsure about the styling - it's very "something my Mum used to wear when I was 10" (so early 80's), but I decided to bite the bullet and just wear it!

I actually had several people mention what a pretty top I was wearing on Friday, so I'm guessing it's not as bad as I thought! What do you think though - Rhian told me not to wear it as I looked like a sack of potatoes in it! (don't you just love new teenagers!)

And finally my hat - my hat, my hat, my hat!

Now, as a woman with very short hair, I don't often wear hats as they give me the look my Dad resorted to when he lost his hair after chemo. It has been so damn cold this winter so far, and with my new resolution to walk to school whenever it's not raining (so that won't be often then lol - particulary in the summer!), I got myself a new hat (previous hats are decidedly "granny-fied").

I appreciate that I'm never going to look good in a hat - but it's keeping my ears warm!


Meg said...

Hurrah, so glad you like it! :-)

I love the hat too, but I am a hat person x

kira said...

like the hat and the skarfe