Friday, 23 January 2009

Advice please.....

First my outfit from today (and Kira!)

Not my "usual" thing at all - a bold pattern and a slight smock style - bit of an impulse buy on Christmas Eve, and I wore it on Christmas Day and New Years Eve - but today was it's first daytime outting!

Next the advice......

I am 37 years old, nearly 38 (gulp) - am I too old for skinny jeans (and these are SKINNY skinny jeans, iykwim!)

They still have the labels in, so they can go back.

Rhian, the typical sniffy teenager, has given them the thumbs up, but I'm not sure she's a good judge of "mutton dressed up as lamb" - and that's a look I desperately want to avoid!

I was thinking I would wear them with my black boots in the winter, ballet pumps when it's warmer.

If you give me the thumbs up!

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with skinnies - I have a black pair I wear a lot - it's the skin-tight skinny-ness of these I'm just not sure about!

and excuse the bum shot - Rhian's only concern was that they were a bit tight around my backside!

Any thoughts - and I mean any thoughts - very gratefully received (before I step outside and potentially become a laughing stock!)

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Anonymous said...

You look great! No mutton dressed as lamb problems at all.