Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Had a quick visit to the Next sale at the beginning of the week, and got this new outfit for work, waistcoat reduced from £40 to £10, and trousers reduced from £45 to £20 :-) Also picked up some combats, some knee length jeans and some shorts for the summer, and a pair of skinnies for Rhian, all for £80 - so less than work outfit should have been full price! I was particularly pleased about the knee length jeans, as I had tried them on at the end of August, but they didn't have my size - I wouldn't have got to wear them much anyway, and they were £12 from £28 :-)

I also popped into Outfit, and fell in lurve with these shoes. Rhian was losing the will to live while I strode backwards and forwards in the shop, deciding a) whether I actually needed them, and then b) whether the 7 was too big and the 6 not too small! I finally settled on the 6 as the 7's were slipping off with each step!

The do look better with thinner tights :-)

and then I was in Sainsbury's yesterday, and I've been admiring people pulling off the layering look, so I bought this little knitted top for £6, and tried it out today, and am very pleased with the result :-)

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Anonymous said...

Great Haul!! Especially the shoes which are fab.