Sunday, 18 January 2009


Firstly, I promised you I'd be wearing more of my collection of necklaces! This was what I was wearing on Thursday, which was my Christmas present from Kira :-)

You may have noticed that I've been struggling to find somewhere decent to take my daily photos, which is the reason I've not posted too many in recent months.

The extension is now all but finished (apart from the eternal painting - argggh!), so I've been trying to find somewhere. I really wanted your comments on Saturday's outfit, so I thought I'd try and take my photo from the dining room table!

Obviously this photo has it's benefits! I will keep trying to find somewhere suitable!

I found this cardigan in with the shoes, I've not worn it for ages (used to wear it when I was bigger in an attempt to draw attention away from my belly by emphasising my boobs!) - can I still wear it do you think? or does it cut me up into sections?

Sorry for the plethora of posts today - I have done my weekend quota of eternal painting, and I've got a lot of my mind! I've still got some more questions I want to put to you - around age and suitability of items etc, so please come back soon!

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Anonymous said...

I like the cardi - makes your boobs look great!