Sunday, 18 January 2009

Shoe Cull!

I have a shoe "thing" - I love shoes. My name is Katie, and I am a shoe addict - there, I've said it!

Unfortunately I don't have a tidy/housework type "thing", so the amount of shoes had become a bit of an issue.

Shoes are basically piled haphazardly into the bottom of my wardrobe. Often it's a problem trying to find a pair, I forget I even have some shoes when they sink to the bottom of the heap. Trying to find anything is an issue. Add this to the fact that I rarely throw anything out, particularly shoes, means that I have shoes in that heap that I was given for my 18th birthday, and I don't even play badminton anymore, so why on earth have I kept a pair of nearly 20 year old badminton shoes!

One night last week I put my shoes of the day away (there's usually at least 2 pairs - work and after-work), and suddenly there was what could only be described as a shoe avalanche.

Enough was enough - some of my lovely, lovely, and not-so-lovely shoes just had to go.

I had the day off work on Friday as we were having a new garage door fitted - as I wasn't going to be able to leave the house I wrote myself a list of things to do - and top of that list was "shoe cull"

So I started by laying all my shoes out, in pairs, on the bed (which is a king-size, in case you wanted some perspective!). 46 pairs in total! Actually not as many as I thought, actually!

I started by chucking out anything that wasn't actually wearable any more - walking shoes that I'd replaced because the sole was too thin, kitten heels that were very scruffy and needed re-heeling, pointy toed shoes where the toes had completely worn through - those sort of things!

Then I looked, and considered, and decided there were some shoes that I just wouldn't wear anymore! Red pumps that were always a bit of a strange shape, tescos cheap converse rip-offs which have always rubbed my ankles, mules which I have never been able to walk in!

That left me with this lot!

which look less when all put together! 26 pairs, including boots, which I wasn't so brutal with - boots cost a lot of money, and are worth saving until they are back in fashion!

Unfortunately I've not got enough space to be as organised as Kate and put them all in boxes, but they are now in a much neater pile in the bottom of the wardrobe, and are "zoned" with summer shoes at the bottom, boots at one end etc.

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