Thursday, 19 February 2009


It's been a busy couple of weeks, so I've decided it's time for a big update!

First, here are my lovely pj's! This is what you'll catch me in if you knock on my door before about 8.30 on a weekday (and many a poor delivery man has been treated to this "look" lol)

This was an outfit I wore to work at the end of last week - decided it was a bit dull, so I added the pink belt (which came with my blue skinnies) for a pop of colour. I got mixed reactions at work - what do you think?

Following the success of my wrap dress, I returned to ebay and bought this - it's a Lipsy dress, and I'm just waiting for the weather to warm up a little before it gets a proper outing!

This week has been half term, and Monday saw me and the girls ready for a trip up to London, firstly for a boat trip on the Thames with my lovely sister and niece, then on to Ripleys Odditorium.

I had another go with my Mum's hand-me-down skirt on Tuesday, and I tried to do a bit of a twirl to show the swirly bits on the bottom a bit more!

And finally..... last night Mum had the girls for the night, so Steve and I took advantage of a kid free night and we went out!

This is the outfit I was thinking of wearing......

and this is what I actually wore. Looking back at the pictures I wish I'd stuck with the first outfit, but the waistcoat just felt "safer" and I had nobody else in the house to offer advice!

Which outfit do you think I should have worn?

I'm getting a bit fed up with black and white (and I'm sure you are too!), so perhaps when I get to buying new summer clothes I will need to dig out my "colour me confident" book and find out what other colours will suit me!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Feeling Brave!

I was feeling particularly brave this morning, so decided to try layering with my new dress - and I was pleased with the results - I also decided to add the belt at the last minute to give a bit of definition to my "waist" line lol!

I left the house (yes, me, Miss "ooh, that's a bit daring to wear out of the house", LEFT the house) in this outfit, still feeling very much out of my comfort zone.

I got to work, took my coat off, and the very first comment I got was "OMG - erm,...... I suppose it might grow on me" - I tell you, I very nearly high-tailed it straight out of there to home to change into something more "comfortable". But I didn't - I had a meeting to go straight to, so literally ran out of the office (the traffic had been terrible and I was late).

I got to the meeting and was greeted with "wow - you look fabulous - I love your outfit", and felt much relieved. And as the day went on virtually everyone I saw commented on my dress, and how lovely I was looking :-) (even people who wouldn't normally say anything other than "hello", and, even more surprising, MEN!) (perhaps I usually look an absolute state!)

So, next time I'm feeling a bit anxious about doing something a bit "out there" (well, for me, anyway!) - tell me to just do it.... what's the worst that could happen?

Monday, 9 February 2009

Dressing like my Mother!

My Mum popped round yesterday - with this skirt, which she wanted to know whether I wanted it or not before she took it to charity shop!

So today I wore my Mum's hand-me-down to work!

You can't see it very well here (I've found the perfect spot, just need to perfect the lighting!), but it's got 4 flarey sort-of pleats around bottom - I'll try and get a better shot next time I wear it!

After work I just popped on my trusty denim "granny" skirt and boots for the school run - and my body warmer (I won't go all posh and call it a gillet - call a body-warmer a body-warmer, that's what I say!)

Earlier in the year I promised some more of my neck accesories!

This is a lovely glass necklace, that I picked up from a National Trust shop (definitely a "dress like your mum" day!)

And as the kids are entertaining each other (and being nice to each other) I decided to share my standard hand jewellery with you too!

This is my Gran on my Dad's side engagement ring. This got passed down to me when my Grampy died last February - and it's vey "bling" :-) (although you can't see the full sparkliness here!)

And here is my lovely wedding ring. Steve bought it for me for Christmas 2 year ago. My original was yellow gold, and was shaped to fit my emerald engagement ring. Unfortunately the engagement ring always has bits hanging off it (we were 18 and VERY skint when we bought it!), so I never wore it, and all of the rest of my jewellery is silver, so Steve bought this for me :-)

Friday, 6 February 2009

Belt Up?

To Belt?

Or not to belt?

That is the question :-P

You guys know me by now, and I can tell you I actually went with the "not to belt" option for work today - felt the "belt" option was just a bit "brave" for me!

Wish I hadn't though - I've felt shapeless all day!

What would you have done?

Monday, 2 February 2009

Style Rules

Shamelessly stolen from my magazine (heavily edited and commented on by me!) - 10 top tips for a "fashion audit"

1. Spend more on less

They say you never leave Primark with a small bag, and if you spend more you'll think more about your purchases and have more items in your wardrobe that you will actually wear, and will keep in the long term.

2. Update your Basics

Simple things like keeping up with t-shirt trends, and not just always buying bootleg jeans, can keep you up-to-date and "on trend".

3. Nail the Rain

Now this one really rang true for me, and will be my resolution for the warmer months! We live in the UK, we know we're going to be rained on. "not to have a knock-out rainy day look is negligent". They have a point - my standard black peter-storm, over the head kagoul just doesn't cut it in any kind of style stakes! This summer I'm thinking a smart, bright trench-coat is the way to go, and I will be keeping my eyes open. Umbrellas are also important, and I'm still loving my tropical fish umbrella from Next! (although I saw this FANTASTIC chocolate umbrella in chocolat 'ere over the weekend!)

4. Stay Looking Pulled Together when Everything is Falling Apart

Basic have a standard "look" you can fall back on, even on the most hectic day. Apparently Kate Moss swears by "a jean, a jacket and sunglasses" - sunglasses may work for her, but frankly I think I'd look a bit of a muppet at the school gate with sunglasses on, unless it was sunny of course!

5. Choose Natural

Basically choose natural fibres rather than the cheap synthetics of our teenage years.

6. Try a New Shape

Another one I will definitely be trying - they suggest everytime you hit a changing room to take something in with you that you think you will hate. Avoids getting stuck into a style rut, and might give you a giggle into the bargain ;-)

7. Fall in Love with Flats

I know I always feel far smarter in heels, and if I wear flats to work I feel somewhat casual, however smart the rest of my outfit. But they've got to be worth a look, yes? (although I seriously need to sort out trouser length - I buy "long" as "regular is too short, but the long's are generally just a bit too long to be worn with flats, unless I want to get that teenage "worn out at the heel" look).

8. Get Colourful

As I alluded to in my previous post, colour is good. This article suggests that "nothing will freshen up your look faster than a kick of colour".

9. Go to the Pros

They suggest, if you're struggling to find your style, going to a personal shopper. I had a friend who did this recently, and she was really happy. They are generally free, and it sounds quite fun to me!

10. Have Some Fun!

Remember fashion is fun! Don't slavishly follow fashion, don't get het up if you're not bang on trend - find your own style and enjoy fashion :-)


I had my hair cut a couple of weeks ago, resulting in very little colour being left - just a teeny, tiny bit right on the very ends. My "natural colour" is very much grey, grey, boring old grey, and I don't like it!

I took this photo one day, and decided I needed a bit more colour in my clothes, until I could get my hair sorted!

So the next day I wore this! I had my "colours done" years ago, and, apparently, I am a "winter" - so this lovely Royal Blue is something I can wear confidently and know I will look healthy! My friend at work wears a lot of shirts under jumpers, and it's a look I've enjoyed in the past, with the "cheating" jumpers with built in shirts! I haven't got any which fit at the moment, so decided to just wear a shirt under the jumper!

I was really pleased with the look, and felt colourful and comfortable all day.

Sunday we went to a pantomime, and I wanted a smart but casual look, so went for the shirt/jumper look again. This time I teamed a flowery shirt (previously seen under a waistcoat!) with a plain black v-neck. Again I was happy with the look - a splash of colour from the flowers, off-setting the boring black jumper! (please excuse Kira, she seems to think she needs to be in every photo!)

Wednesday evening last week I made it back to the hairdressers, and lovely Nicky popped some highlights back in for me!

We went for a purpley red this time, together with the blonde. My grey bits, due to their patchy nature, act as a third "natural highlight" - so it looks like I've got 3 colours in, rather than the 2, and camoflages the grey rather nicely :-) (apart from around the back - but I can't see thos bits!)

I decided a few weeks ago I "needed" a dress, and was looking at jumper dresses. I was never convinced that I would look any good in one, so I decided to change my search to "wrap dresses". Ebay came up with this one, which I managed to pick up for £7, including p&p. To smarten it up a bit I'm wearing it with Rhian's belt here (shhh, don't tell her!), but I'm not sure whether I'd wear it normally with a belt.