Monday, 2 February 2009


I had my hair cut a couple of weeks ago, resulting in very little colour being left - just a teeny, tiny bit right on the very ends. My "natural colour" is very much grey, grey, boring old grey, and I don't like it!

I took this photo one day, and decided I needed a bit more colour in my clothes, until I could get my hair sorted!

So the next day I wore this! I had my "colours done" years ago, and, apparently, I am a "winter" - so this lovely Royal Blue is something I can wear confidently and know I will look healthy! My friend at work wears a lot of shirts under jumpers, and it's a look I've enjoyed in the past, with the "cheating" jumpers with built in shirts! I haven't got any which fit at the moment, so decided to just wear a shirt under the jumper!

I was really pleased with the look, and felt colourful and comfortable all day.

Sunday we went to a pantomime, and I wanted a smart but casual look, so went for the shirt/jumper look again. This time I teamed a flowery shirt (previously seen under a waistcoat!) with a plain black v-neck. Again I was happy with the look - a splash of colour from the flowers, off-setting the boring black jumper! (please excuse Kira, she seems to think she needs to be in every photo!)

Wednesday evening last week I made it back to the hairdressers, and lovely Nicky popped some highlights back in for me!

We went for a purpley red this time, together with the blonde. My grey bits, due to their patchy nature, act as a third "natural highlight" - so it looks like I've got 3 colours in, rather than the 2, and camoflages the grey rather nicely :-) (apart from around the back - but I can't see thos bits!)

I decided a few weeks ago I "needed" a dress, and was looking at jumper dresses. I was never convinced that I would look any good in one, so I decided to change my search to "wrap dresses". Ebay came up with this one, which I managed to pick up for £7, including p&p. To smarten it up a bit I'm wearing it with Rhian's belt here (shhh, don't tell her!), but I'm not sure whether I'd wear it normally with a belt.

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