Monday, 9 February 2009

Dressing like my Mother!

My Mum popped round yesterday - with this skirt, which she wanted to know whether I wanted it or not before she took it to charity shop!

So today I wore my Mum's hand-me-down to work!

You can't see it very well here (I've found the perfect spot, just need to perfect the lighting!), but it's got 4 flarey sort-of pleats around bottom - I'll try and get a better shot next time I wear it!

After work I just popped on my trusty denim "granny" skirt and boots for the school run - and my body warmer (I won't go all posh and call it a gillet - call a body-warmer a body-warmer, that's what I say!)

Earlier in the year I promised some more of my neck accesories!

This is a lovely glass necklace, that I picked up from a National Trust shop (definitely a "dress like your mum" day!)

And as the kids are entertaining each other (and being nice to each other) I decided to share my standard hand jewellery with you too!

This is my Gran on my Dad's side engagement ring. This got passed down to me when my Grampy died last February - and it's vey "bling" :-) (although you can't see the full sparkliness here!)

And here is my lovely wedding ring. Steve bought it for me for Christmas 2 year ago. My original was yellow gold, and was shaped to fit my emerald engagement ring. Unfortunately the engagement ring always has bits hanging off it (we were 18 and VERY skint when we bought it!), so I never wore it, and all of the rest of my jewellery is silver, so Steve bought this for me :-)

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