Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Feeling Brave!

I was feeling particularly brave this morning, so decided to try layering with my new dress - and I was pleased with the results - I also decided to add the belt at the last minute to give a bit of definition to my "waist" line lol!

I left the house (yes, me, Miss "ooh, that's a bit daring to wear out of the house", LEFT the house) in this outfit, still feeling very much out of my comfort zone.

I got to work, took my coat off, and the very first comment I got was "OMG - erm,...... I suppose it might grow on me" - I tell you, I very nearly high-tailed it straight out of there to home to change into something more "comfortable". But I didn't - I had a meeting to go straight to, so literally ran out of the office (the traffic had been terrible and I was late).

I got to the meeting and was greeted with "wow - you look fabulous - I love your outfit", and felt much relieved. And as the day went on virtually everyone I saw commented on my dress, and how lovely I was looking :-) (even people who wouldn't normally say anything other than "hello", and, even more surprising, MEN!) (perhaps I usually look an absolute state!)

So, next time I'm feeling a bit anxious about doing something a bit "out there" (well, for me, anyway!) - tell me to just do it.... what's the worst that could happen?

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Anonymous said...

You look awesome! Love the layered dress and belt it looks brilliant.