Thursday, 19 February 2009


It's been a busy couple of weeks, so I've decided it's time for a big update!

First, here are my lovely pj's! This is what you'll catch me in if you knock on my door before about 8.30 on a weekday (and many a poor delivery man has been treated to this "look" lol)

This was an outfit I wore to work at the end of last week - decided it was a bit dull, so I added the pink belt (which came with my blue skinnies) for a pop of colour. I got mixed reactions at work - what do you think?

Following the success of my wrap dress, I returned to ebay and bought this - it's a Lipsy dress, and I'm just waiting for the weather to warm up a little before it gets a proper outing!

This week has been half term, and Monday saw me and the girls ready for a trip up to London, firstly for a boat trip on the Thames with my lovely sister and niece, then on to Ripleys Odditorium.

I had another go with my Mum's hand-me-down skirt on Tuesday, and I tried to do a bit of a twirl to show the swirly bits on the bottom a bit more!

And finally..... last night Mum had the girls for the night, so Steve and I took advantage of a kid free night and we went out!

This is the outfit I was thinking of wearing......

and this is what I actually wore. Looking back at the pictures I wish I'd stuck with the first outfit, but the waistcoat just felt "safer" and I had nobody else in the house to offer advice!

Which outfit do you think I should have worn?

I'm getting a bit fed up with black and white (and I'm sure you are too!), so perhaps when I get to buying new summer clothes I will need to dig out my "colour me confident" book and find out what other colours will suit me!


Titch said...

not so sure about the pink belt

Imogen Lamport said...

I like the pink belt.

Also, from this range of photos, and that wrap dresses work for you, cross H off your list of body shapes - they don't work for Hs.