Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Ice Skating

End of the half term saw us going Ice Skating with our lovely friends Lena, Jonah and Jasmin.

I have to thank my Mum for finding this lovely Gap Cardigan in her charity shop for a massive £2.50 :-) I don't think it had ever been worn, and as she'd bought it for herself, then decided it was too small, she gave it to me for nothing!

I'm loving the fact the weather (had) warmed up a bit, and I'm wearing my red converse again. The story behind these was that I'd always wanted red converse baseball boots, ever since I was 17 and at college. At the time I just couldn't justify the expense, and I bought myself a cheap version - but they just weren't the same.

Last year, on my birthday, I went shopping and decided that 20 years was just too long to wait for a pair of shoes, and if I still wanted them 20 years later, they definitely weren't a whim - so I bought myself some!

I ended up going for the low tops rather than the high-tops I would have purchased 21 years ago (it's my birthday again on Monday!), but I decided that actually once they are under trousers you can't see the high-tops anyway, and the low tops are far easier to get on and off!

Anyway, here I am with my body warmer and scarf, all ready for my ice-skating!

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