Wednesday, 18 March 2009

New Favourite Blog

Imogen is an Australian Image Consultant - with tons of fantastic advice on her blog about dressing different body shapes!

I think I'm an "H" shape (rectangle), or an "I" shape (boyish)- I can't quite decide! I think alot of it hinges on my shoulders and whether they are wider than my hips! I'm leaning more towards H I think - which mentions short waisted and longer legged, which I definitely am!

What do you think?


Imogen Lamport said...

Thanks! You look kind of I shaped to me.

Also, coincidentally, my huband comes from Tongham! I have spent some time in your part of the world. The first scan I had when I was pregnant with my son was at the hospital in Aldershot.

Anonymous said...

ah, what a small world!

Sadly the Louise Margaret Maternity Hospital has now shut down and everyone goes to Frimley Park or Guildford - I know they were doing scans there 13 years ago, although I didn't go there with Rhian, for reasons I've completely forgotten!

Thank you for the comments - very useful! I usually turn to my 13 and 9 year old for help - and they're not always particuarly helpful!

I just need to work out what colours I should wear now - can you help with that? I've got a book, and I *think* I'm cool and deep (I can't quite remember what the combinations are, and I've leant the book out!)? I feel I've got a rough idea, but I'm sooo bored of black and white, which I know I'm safe with lol!