Saturday, 14 March 2009


This was an outfit from the end of last week - I've got this lovely red belt (just £3 from tesco!), but it just made my shirt stick out if I wore it at my actual waist, so I tried it further down.

I did actually wear it like this all day, and it's only now I'm looking at the photo I realise it makes me look like I've got very short legs! (I was wearing ballet pumps, which probably worsened the situation!)

Friday, obviously, was red nose day, and we had a red-themed dress down day at work. I managed to make it to my birthday without buying (well, virtually!) anything (my lipsy dress and the belt may have slipped through the net!), so last week I went on the hunt for some "boyfriend" jeans!

It was far harder than I thought - the trouble I have is that my legs are actually quite long, and I generally need a "long" to avoid the ankle flapper look. After all my hard work last year I am now a size 8 (! amazed even myself lol!), and trying to find a size 8, long, is more difficult than I anticipated!

I started with my usual jeans purchase place, Next. They had 2 pairs. One pair were quite nice, but the size 8 was tiny! (I've already got 4 pairs of Next size 8 jeans, so I'm assuming these were just an odd cut!), and they didn't have a 10 long. The other pair fitted beautifully, but were designed with what looked like grass stains on the knees! Why on earth would I want to buy a pair of jeans that would always look like they needed a wash! (or is that just me sounding my age?!).

I moved onto Outfit, who didn't have anything at all in a boyfriend cut.

(I should point out now, I think, that I was trying to squeeze this shopping in between work and school run, so my shopping options were limited!).

Last week I tried on some super "slouch" jeans in Tesco, but of course, this week when I went back they didn't have any 8 longs :-( (although they did have a polka dot shift dress, and the little red cardigan and vest top you see in the second picture!).

So I ended up in M&S. I'm always very wary of M&S, they have some gems, but I always pick stuff up to admire it, and find an 80 year old next to me doing the same thing, and it puts me right off!

Anyway, the above jeans are, actually, M&S size 8 medium leg (no longs in any size or shape!), and they are fine (I think, Rhian tells me they are too short and should be dragging on the ground!) with my converse, but I can't wear them with anything with even a slight heel (including the cowboy style boots my Mummy bought me for my birthday! - I had mine first Kate ;-) ). This is fine though - I need something that length for wearing with my converse for walking to school.

Anyway, I am happy to be having this problem! Long legs and skinny is a look I'm happy to shop around for - it's just I'm not used to it!

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