Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Yee-ha, red lacey cardi, and guest!

Cowboy style boots from Next! Not sure I like them on the top of skinnies, but I'm loving the look of them under bootlegs.

I will take a picture next time I'm wearing them that way round!

I popped into M&S to get a new sports bra last week, only to discover they had their sale on - actually I wouldn't have gone near the place if I'd have realised!

This little red cardi jumped out at me - Per Una, £7 - I thought I couldn't really go wrong!

The belt was a sudden flash of inspiration as I was leaving the house this morning - it was a pain every time I went to the loo, but added a bit of detail to the outfit, I felt. Let me know what you think!

back view!

And a special guest appearance from my beautiful Rhian!

Thirteen years old, and ready to party!

The little dress was a TK Maxx find - does anyone else find TK Maxx difficult to shop in? It's a bit like a jumble sale, and I tend to find stuff more by luck than judgement!

I have managed to find several combat tops and trousers recently, and this jumped out at me while I was there!

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Imogen Lamport said...

love that cardi - really works for your body.