Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Another go at the stripes! (and new shoes - shhh!)

Had another outing with the stripey jumper today - still not entirely convinced!

I took the girls to see "17 Again" at the cinema - which was surprisingly enjoyable - like "Big" but backwards, and the chemistry between Mike and Scarlett was amazing! Is it wrong to be just a little bit in love with Zac Efron at my age?!

After the cinema we headed out to New Look, as I'd noticed Kira's jeans had become unflattering ankle flappers, seemingly overnight! She's annoyingly skinny assed, and long legged, and getting jeans to fit her properly is a nightmare! (I recently bought her some denim shorts, and we bought her an age 5-6 in order to fit her teeny bottom! sadly can't buy smaller in long-legged trousers!)

We found some jeans which kind-of-fit (we're really going to struggle when she grows out of these, they are the biggest size with an adjustable waist!), and then we had to walk through the shoe section. My downfall - just call me Imelda!

Last summer I bought these, and wore them to absolute death!

Towards the end of the summer I decided that they were a bit "heavy" looking, and decreed that this summer I would buy something equally comfy and high, but less "clompy"!

and I am now the excited owner of these! They are actually as big a platform as last year's pair, but because the platform bit is black, I feel they look more elegant? What do you think? (I've not worn they outside yet, so they're returnable!)

In case I've not yet got you signed up to Inside Out Style, Imogen has just done a couple of fantastic posts about dealing with long or short-waistedness. Being possibly the world's shortest-waisted women (can anyone else only just fit a finger between the bottom of their ribs and their hip bone? can you, can you? ;-) ) this is invaluable advice! I've not tucked a top in for many years, but didn't realise why I didn't until relatively recently!

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Imogen Lamport said...

Like the new shoes - the reason why they don't look as clumpy is that we get to see some skin through them which gives them a lighter feel.

I'd love to see you in a taupe pair - which would work great with your hair and look less heavy than black!