Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Beads are Back!

Is anybody interested in where I buy my clothes? I've popped the details in here today, on a whim, because I didn't have an awful lot else to write about my boring black and white outfits!

Let me know!

And I know I've got a lot of visitors (I'm counting you now!), so come on and write me some comments! The whole purpose of this blog is to get feedback on my outfits, so ANY comments are very gratefully received - even if you just want to say "what are you wearing!?" or "you look frumpy today" - I need to know, ladies (I'm assuming!) of the internet! help me out :-)

Work outfit Monday! (Kira was most insistent on being in the photo, and after about 15 shots with me almost wrestling her out of the way, I decided to just let her get on with it!)

skirt Tesco
Tank Top, Sainsburys
Blouse - Tesco
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins (I LOVE these shoes!)
Beads - Next

After work Monday!

trousers, jacket and Boots - Next

Work Today! (yesterday was a very, very uninspired outfit - I was freezing all day Monday, so just wore a blue jumper and black skirt - most dull! and didn't bother with a photo!)

Blouse - Gap (I've never had anything from Gap before! - obviously I got it in the Sale, and only because the one I was wearing on Monday is coming apart at the seams!)
Trousers - Tesco
Beads - Next (obviously!)
Shoes - Dotty P's - did I mention I LOVE these shoes?!


Lucie said...

Yes, please do tell us where you get the clothes from. I really like the outfit that you changed the trousers on taking it from smart to casual.


SHOEGAL said...

Yes I love to know where people got things from, I'm nosy like that!

Love the outfit with the beads - they add interest to basic B&W.

Have you thought about cropping your photos? You can do this quite easily in MS Picture Manager (part of the Office Suite) or even in Paint if you don't have any other picture editing software.