Sunday, 26 April 2009

Colour me Confident!

A year or so ago I picked up a copy of the colour me beautiful book, Colour me Confident.

I had my "colours done" many moons ago by a colour me beautiful consultant, and I was deemed (quite rightly, I believe) to be a "winter", and I have lived by this ever since!

I have lost track though, of exactly what colours I should be wearing, so bought this book to try and get me back on track, and a bit more colourful! Currently my wardrobe is chock-a-block with Black and White, with the rare sprinkling of red, purple and grey! Hardly a rainbow of colours!

Colour me Beautiful have changed their definitions in the probably 15 years (at least lol!) since I was "done", and the seasons have disappeared, being replaced by Light, Deep, Cool, Clear and Soft. Each has 2 sub-divisions.

I *think*, from reading the book extensively, that I fall into the "Deep" and "Clear" categories, and I've photographed the relevant pages here for you interest! (apologies if I'm breaking any copywright!).

Although, with my hair lightening (and that's just me being polite to myself, and trying to avoid the word "grey"!), I may be straying into the "Cool" and "Clear" category. (so perhaps my best bet would be to just wear the colours in the "clear" section here, which are identical regardless where I "am" Cool" or Deep" lol!)

So Friday I popped into Outfit to buy Rhian's friend a birthday present, and thought while I was there, and had the book with me (a work friend had returned it), I would look out for some colourful t-shirt basics for the summer.

And what did I come out with? You've guessed it, 1 white t-shirt, 1 black t-shirt!

I'll get there eventually! In the meantime, monochrome rules the wardrobe!

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