Thursday, 16 April 2009

Dress - strange proportions?

I'm feeling the love for dresses at the moment, so when I just popped into Tesco for some printer ink, and I saw this for just £10, I thought it was worth a punt!

I'm not sure about whether my propotions are right for it though?

First pic I'm wearing the belt right under my bust, where the dress has it's slimmest part. Second pic I've pulled the belt down a bit further, and the final pic I've (obviously!) taken the belt off altogether!

Looking at the photos, I think it needs a belt, but where should I wear it to make the most of the dress? Or should I give up on the frock altogether and take it back?

Any advice gratefully received - I will be offering compensation for anyone blinded by my lily white legs!


Anonymous said...

I love it! Belt in either position looks good.

Meg said...

I like belt one or no belt. Like it lots, anyway!