Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Same, but different!

Are you eyes deceiving you? Didn't this dress used to be red?

(nope, you're OK, I popped into Tesco and saw they did the red dress in black too, so purchased another one! whoops!)

Inspired by shoegal, I'm trying out the dress and leggings look for an "after work" option, but I'm not entirely convinced!

What do you think? (I know I'm wearing odd shoes, I just couldn't decide which way to go - pumps or flip flops!)

Yesterday the weather was so lovely and warm, that I decided to dig some summery clothes out for the walk to school.

Sadly these shoes (Athens Crocs) were really comfortable, but both Rhian and Steve said they were ugly, and when I got them last year Kira told me they were "old lady gardening shoes" :-(


And finally..... my outfit from the girls night out at the pub last week - and the cowboy boots inside bootleg jeans, as previously promised!

Grey Cardi's were the order of the night, with 3 out of 4 of us wearing them!

1 comment:

Lisa Blackler said...

I really like the dress with leggings, but I would put it with heels.