Monday, 13 April 2009


From dots in the last post, to stripes today! (well, this is actually yesterday's outfit!)

Imogen (Inside Out Style) in her latest post tells you how to empty out the junk out of your wardrobe. This jumper was only purchased on Saturday, in the Gap sale, but I'm not sure it's a classic according to Imogen's rules! The camera has done strange things to it in the picture, so I've just dashed upstairs and dragged it out of the wardrobe and taken a shot of it! (edited to add, I've just discovered if you click on the photo it comes up bigger in a new window, and you can see it in all it's glory! - if you so wish!)

Imogen says:
"Look at each piece of clothing - ask yourself:
  1. Do I love it?
  2. Is it flattering?
  3. Does it fulfill a need that makes other items I love in my wardrobe work?
If you can't answer yes to two of these 3 questions, let it go, it's not earning it's place in your wardrobe."

Now, I love it on the hanger (obviously, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it! and I liked it when I tried it on!), but it doesn't fulfil a need for any other items, and I'm not convinced it's flattering! (Although my Mum did say "that's a nice jumper" when she saw it!)

So, should it stay or should it go? (I would donate it to my Mum!)

and finally, I've been trying out outside places to take my photo - almost there! So hopefully soon you should have some nice sunny shots to look at!

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