Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Colour Update!

Today I had my Colour Me Beautiful freebie colour consultation. The reason it was free was because I was being a guinea pig for a group of student colour consultants.

To start off with my main colouring was analysed. I am, as I guessed, a "Deep" (think Catherine Zeta Jones! lol - in my dreams!). The "undertones" was what has me confused a little! Basically, as a "Deep" I could be "warm" or "cool". The colour analysis session went one step further than the book, and also came up with a vibrancy factor - I should wear "clear" colours - so nothing sludgy, bright vibrant colours is what I need! Main items should be dark colours - no head to toe dressing in white (or "soft white" as I was advised today!)

My hair has confused the issue!

My hair, in it's newly blonde and red highlighted state, has knocked me into "warm" - which means colours like mustard, golden brown, salmon, pumpkin and rust (what I would think as traditionally "Autumn" colours in the old scheme!). I have to admit I'm not entirely sold on this!

The tutor of the group was actually (I believe!) Pat Henshaw, who co-wrote (and starred in!) the Colour Me Confident book. She took me aside to talk about my hair (which was quite a talking point of the afternoon!) She suggested next time I have it done I loose some of the blonde, and go darker. This, she suggests, is likely to knock me back to "cool" as an undertone.


The reason I have the blonde highlights is to camoflage my grey. What she suggested was either going for a one-tone colour, in a plum shade (no highlights, shock horror!), or to just have the red and maybe a purple, and let the grey itself act as the light "highlight", as it were. My other option is to go for an "ash" blonde, rather than golden blonde, and that will actually look more silvery - which I don't actually mind - it's this awful "salt and pepper"/"badger" look which I think is not good!

Anyway, plenty of time to think about that as I only had thehighlights re-done on Saturday - so at least 3 months until they'll need doing again!

Overall it was a very enjoyable experience - and certainly one I'd do again. Apparently the colours you should wear do change as you get older, and Pat said that if I change my hair colour I should get back in contact with the lady who organised the voluteers and ask to go back.

I would say if you've got a spare £80 and an hour and a half, go for a colour me beautiful colour consultation - it will make shopping so much easier and your wardrobe so much more co-ordinated!

The good news that came out of this afternoon is that I am well able to wear black, and red is good too, so I don't have to go to work tomorrow naked! lol!

I'm going to hit Dotty P's again tomorrow afternoon in renewed hope of introducing some colour!

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Rae said...

I think I'm 'Autumn' or 'soft & warm' or whatever they call it now!