Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Living with Colour!

So I bought some colour - and now I'm actually wearing it!

Saturday afternoon, just back from a night away on the motorbike (with a severe case of helmet hair!), I wore the turquoise cardi with a black t-shirt, Sunday, after an day at the beach, I wore the sky blue t-shirt with cropped jeans, and today, for a wander around Arundel town and castle I wore the green t-shirt!

t-shirts - Dorothy Perkins
cardigans - Next
trousers - Next
flip-flops - New Look

1 comment:

SHOEGAL said...

Looks like it's going well. Next, try mixing the turquoise cardi with a red top, or a red cardi with either the blue or green t shirts. It will look great, I promise.