Saturday, 13 June 2009

Bloggers United! and Esme Grace Party Review

Last night I hosted (or is it hostessed?!) an Esme-Grace jewellery party. If you're in her area I would thoroughly recommend inviting Kate/Spiragirl/Schoolgatechic to your home with her beautiful jewellery.

I invited my friends, and 12 people turned up, together with 5 of Rhian's friends, and 2 of Kira's so there was a housefull! Kate displayed a selection of her lovely sparkly collection on my dining table, and the place was a twitter with ooohs and ahhhhs and "isn't it reasonable"'s! That's the beauty of Kate's range - beautiful, unusual, original, sparkly, but with none of that virgin vie "how much!?!" shock! Almost everybody left with a bag of bling, many people with more than one item as they just couldn't decide! People didn't only buy for themselves, but for birthdays and celebrations in the weeks ahead! If Kate is still in the area (which hopefully she won't be!) I'd certainly invite her back nearer Christmas to get alot of my Christmas shopping done!

As host you get to choose 1 item for free - it took me forever to choose, and I finally settled on a lovely turquoise glass winged sparkly butterfly pendant and earrings, which I will show off shortly!

Kate just gets on with it, quietly showing people alternative colours, advising on lengths etc, and occassionally tucking into the offered nibbles ;-).

Anyway, back to the outfits - this was what I was planning to wear - and in fact what I had just put on when Kate arrived, moments after my teenager had advised me I looked like a sack! Kate agreed (as did I, after looking at the photo!) that I shouldn't be doing the baggy t-shirt with the baggy linen trousers.

and here's what 2 day-to-day "fashion" bloggers do when they get together - pose! Can you see we were a little self-conscious! It's al very well posing by yourself for the camera, but posing in pairs and suddenly you don't know what to do and it all seems a little daft!

So, as you can see, I'd changed out of the baggy t-shirt!

T-shirt - Dorothy Perkins
Linen Trousers - Next
Flip Flops - New Look

Today was the school summer fair, I put my name down to administer temporary tattoos, but got roped into the face painting at the last minute! (without my kit, and it's always a little traumatic using someone elses kit!)

I was determined to wear the new baggy t-shirt at some point, so today put it on with my skinnies!

Unfortunately I had my back to the sun from 11 to 1.30, and despite factor 30 have a tear-drop shaped tan mark on my back!

T-shirt: Next
Skinnies: Next
Flip Flops: New Look

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