Thursday, 25 June 2009

Catch-up Post!

Work has been really busy this week, so I've not been getting away on time, and add to that equation a mardy child, or two on a really bad day, I've not actually got around to updating yet this week! Shockingly neglectful of me, I know how desperate you all are to see what I am wearing each day! (and, in case you were wondering, I am being incredibly sarcasatic! I'm amazed anyone reads this at all!)

Anyway, this was Tuesday - as you can probably see, Kira was desperate to be in the photo! I'm not really throttling her, although I have been sorely tempted to several times this week!

Dress - Lipsy via Ebay
Cardi - Next
Shoes - New Look
Small Child - no idea, nothing to do with me!

Yesterday saw a return of the spotty dress for work!

Dress - Tesco
Belt - Tesco
Broach - Evans (gifted)
Cardi - Tesco
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins

I thought I'd try the flats for a more "vintage" feel - well, that's what I tell myself! To be honest, my wedges make such a flip/flop/stomp din when I walk in them I wanted a break!

The school run was so beautifully warm and sunny my sun-dress had it's first outing! I've not worn such an item for many, many years, but I felt great in it :-)

Dress - H&M
Flip Flops - New Look

Today's outfit.

Cardi - Next
T-Shirt - Dorothy Perkins
Skirt - Tesco (from about 4 years ago, from last time I lost weight, but it's now too big!)
Shoes - New look
Necklace -

Instead of my "inheritance" diamond bling that I normally wear, I thought I'd dig out my old "bling ring", which sadly is now also a bit big, and slips round my finger!

I love it though, and it looks great with a bit of a tan :-)

Ring - lady with a stall at the sports centre! (have you thought of that Kate? This lady used to have a stall at Farnham Sports Centre and sell a ton to Mum's hanging around watching swimming lessons!)

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