Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Too much Daisy Duke for an old bird?

First today's work outfit - the goold old spotty dress, but today with the turquoise cardi!

Dress: Tesco
Belt: Dotty P's
Cardi: Next
Shoes: Dotty P's

On my way home from work today I took back the sludgy coloured cardigan from my "colour" shop a couple of weeks ago - I wasn't convinced it was the right colour for me, and I had absolutely nothing to go with it!

As some of you know, we are going abroad in August for the first time in 9 years! We are going to be H O T hot! And I've no idea what to wear....

t-shirts/vests etc I think got the measure of, no problems - but what to wear on my legs?!

I've got a pair of black linen shorts, that quite frankly look like I'm wearing a baggy bin bag, not at all flattering, not a flattering length. Today I saw these.

Before you judge, my criteria for wearing them would be:

1. Baking hot, day times only
2. Not in this country

Now, honest opinions please.... should a 38 year old woman be wearing such an item?

T-shirt: Next (new purchase - you like?)
Shorts: Next
Flip Flops: New Look


Lucie said...

If I had legs like yours I'd be wearing those shorts!! :-)


sebbie said...

Definitely a yes with legs like that!

Anonymous said...

You have fantastic legs - the shorts look brilliant on you - go for it!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies - the shorts are staying in my wardrobe! (rather than heading back to Next!)