Monday, 27 July 2009

Holiday Planning

Steve's taken the camera with him today - he's taken the girls to Cadbury World (NO fair! although I'm hoping they bring me back a present!), so no photo update, but I did want to share my holiday packing musings with you!

It's been 9 years since we went somewhere hot and sunny, and we have never been somewhere hot and sunny in the hottest and sunniest part of the year ever, so I have had a bit of a packing quandry.

We have a washing machine in the villa, so we plan to travel "light" (when camping I usually just empty my whole wardrobe into several suitcases - we're packing the entire contents of the house anyway, so 57 outfits to allow for the whole spectrum of weather possibilities isn't a major problem!). Of course we are now limited to 20kg per person!

This is what I'm planning on taking for 2 weeks:

White Vest
Turquoise Vest
Black Vest

Green T-shirt
Black t-shirt (wearing)
White t-shirt
Lime baggy t-shirt

Grey Combats (wear on the plane)
Black linen trousers
White cotton skirt (just purchased today!)

Denim short shorts
Denim Crops
Bench Crops

Turquoise Cardi
Red Cardi
Black cardi (wearing)

2 bikinis
1 swimming costume (in case we go to the water park!)

Blingy flip flops
leather flip flops
old lady gardening croc shoes
converse (wearing on the plane)

and, obviously, several pairs of knickers!

What do you think - is this enough? Too much? will I be able to "mix and match" enough so I'm not bored?

Thoughts please tinterweb friends :D


Imogen Lamport said...

Can you do a polyvore on the floor so we can see the colours and outfits you plan?

Generally, no more than 4-5 outfits total is all you need - as long as each of the pieces mix and match with the others.

Anonymous said...

good idea Imogen - see the next post!