Thursday, 27 August 2009

Holiday Update!

So you all sat through the planning phase, so I thought it was only fair to share the outcomes!

I wasn't very good at taking photos (Steve mocks this blog terribly!), but I've managed to find some to show you a taster!

The white skirt was my staple "evening meal out" item, and I was really glad I bought it at the last minute for £6 in tesco!

I also chucked in a pair of Next black linen shorts at the last minute - and they were generally what I wore for the daily trudge to the beach!

I did need both cardigans, it was cloudy most mornings, and if we headed into the mountains it was "chilly", and later in the evenings I definitely needed them.

I think the only item I didn't wear were my black linen trousers. The green t-shirt and the lime t-shirt didn't get alot of wear either.

What would I take differently next year? (we've already booked, and we're going for 3 weeks next year!) More vest tops, not in white (which quickly became stained with sun cream), more shorts, another skirt or white linen trousers, less t-shirts. I chucked my crocs in at the last minute too, and didn't wear them at all either. I would also take another bikini (or at least an extra pair of bikini bottoms!)

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