Monday, 24 August 2009

Post Holiday Blues!

Back to work today after 2.5 weeks off, and I've seriously lost my fashion mojo!

I need to do some washing (washing machine is broken, again), and I *really* need to do some ironing (for which I have no excuse apart from extreme hatred of ironing)!

So today I came up with this outfit.

I look lumpy and horrible! This was the blouse I bought to wear to my Dad's funeral, nearly 2 years ago when I was as heavy as I've ever been - it's a size 18, and I think it looks fine under a black tank top - but it was too hot for that today.

I was also not happy with the length of the trousers - I feel they're just a bit too short to wear with these wedges.

So, I took off the wedges and put on these flats.

They are probably half a size too small for me really, and were really hurting my feet, so I changed footwear again....

and this is what I finally left the house wearing this morning!

Not happy with the outfit, and perhaps now I should stop blogging and get ironing so I actually have something decent to wear tomorrow!

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sebbie said...

Welcome home, I missed your blog and your posts on CN