Friday, 25 September 2009

Black trousers......

I have decided that as from next week I will be back wearing tights! It's too chilly in the mornings for bare legs, and I'm thoroughly bored of wearing just my black trousers to work!

Work to school run!

Trousers: Tesco
Jeans and Cardi: Next
T-shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Scarf: not a clue!

Thankfully today was a dress down day, so I could ditch the black trousers!

I experimented a little with the belt, but decided to go without it in the end.

Cardi and Belt: Tesco
T-shirt: Sainsbury
Jeans and Shoes: Next

I'll tell you something about these shoes - I found them in the Next sale and fell in love with them. When I tried them on in the shop they were a little bit tight, but I decided they would stretch, and they didn't have the next size up, so I bought them anyway.

I wore them for about 3 days, hoping they would stretch, but they were absolutely killing my heel where they were digging in - fine everywhere else.

So last week I took the scissors to them and made a tiny cut in the back of them - and what a difference! It's wonderful! Comfy pretty shoes :-)

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SHOEGAL said...

Daft question, but can you post a picture of the cut you made? I have some shoes that dig in at the back too and want to 'fix' them. They have an elasticated back and I tried snipping the elastic but it's too well sewn in (and they're from Matalan!). So I want to know whether you cut the seam at the back or what?