Friday, 11 September 2009

Dress Week!

Inspired by Ephemera Fashion I decided to wear a dress to work every day this week!

Which is your favourite?

(and I have to admit to reusing photos for Monday and Tuesday, as the camera battery was flat - hence the very brown looking me on Monday!)

I think I might ask Mum to lop a bit of the bottom of the black and yellow number - I don't think that length works particularly well?


Anonymous said...

The spotty one just suits you absolutely perfectly. So that's my fave.

Anonymous said...

Mine too Kate :-) I really wish I'd bought it in the different variations while they had it!

sebbie said...

I think the length on the yellow/ black dress is ok but it would look nice if it had the same type of hem as the red and white floral dress. What do you think?

Sheila said...

I like Tuesday and Thursday - the shorter length makes you look taller and you've got great legs!

Thanks so much for the shout-out! I will be popping in to see your blog when I can.