Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Flowers in My Hair?

Facebook and Twitter are divided, so I thought I'd share an actual picture!

I was planning on wearing these on my head with yesterdays new dress and red belt to an evening wedding reception. (you know, not just out and about on the street, or Tescos and the school run!)

Thoughts please...

We are a family of converse wearers! Just got to get Steve on the case now, which I can't quite see happening - a bit to "with it" (or "fashion victim", as he'd more than likely phrase it!) for him!

Todays work outfit:

Trousers: Tesco
Top: Next (charity shop bargain!)
Shoes: New Look

And especially for shoegal, here is the cut in my shoes!


SHOEGAL said...

That's fab, thank you. Will try the same thing with my offending shoes.

Also, love the red flower! Definitely wear it with the new dress and the other accessories you mentioned.

Sheila said...

Oh, I have done that with my shoes too! I have really sharp ankles.

I'm a "meh" on the flowers in the hair. They look too high sticking up off your head. If they were flatter, closer to your head, I'd like them more.