Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I'm stuck!

I've been invited to an evening wedding reception and lots of my work colleagues will also be there, so they all would have seen anything I normally wear to work.

I don't have any "smart/casual" going out gear - and I've only got a tiny and very specific budget (£20 tesco vouchers, £10 M&S, potentially £35 Next - but these vouchers are for all my winter wardrobe, so I don't really want to blow them on something I'm only going to wear occasionally).

Ideally, I'm looking for an outfit, or an item which will go with something I've already got, which I can wear to work afterwards. Alternatively, a different way of wearing something I've already got?

Can anyone give me some inspiration? Please?!


Sheila said...

Have you got a really big statement piece of jewelry that you can put on after work? What about a nice simple dress (I love your polka dot one) but with a really bright pair of shoes?

Adding a bright colour or a really outrageous accessory to a simple piece can really transform a look. And don't forget some RED lipstick!

Anonymous said...

I think I may have sorted it Sheila - take a peek at my latest post :-)

And I won't forget the RED lipstick :-D