Saturday, 3 October 2009

3rd October - Visiting Gran

I liked my purple flower so much I decided to give it another wear today! Today was chilly, so I decided to match it with my pashmina. I was tempted to borrow Rhian's lovely new purple converse, but she's only worn them once herself, so I thought I'd best not!

Today we visited my Gran who moved into a Nursing Home last weekend, so I wanted something smart but comfortable.

Pashmina: the pashmina stall in Festival Place!
Tank and Flower: Sainsbury's
Jeans, Boots and Top: Next

I was in Sainsbury's again earlier (I have lived in supermarkets this week!) and picked up 2 new flowers, and a couple of new Tank's (I managed to make a hole in this one while de-bobbling it with Steve's hair trimmer - don't tell him I was using it for such things!), so expect to see more of this look in the future!

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