Sunday, 4 October 2009

4th October - Mooching!

Just to prove I'm not just a fairweather blogger - I'm going to give you a daily outfit, whether I've made a proper effort or not!

Today was definitely a no-effort day - I had combat first thing, and half way there in the car I realised I hadn't even done anything to my hair, and I hadn't even put on my normal smudge of lippy! After a bath and lunch Kira and I nipped into town to spend some book vouchers she'd forgotten she was given for her birthday (back in March!), and then I changed again to do some decorating (Rhian has the most gorgeous deep rich purple wall in her room now!), and it's only now looking at the pictures that I realise I still haven't done anything with my hair today!

Jeans, Cardi and Vest: Next
Scarf: very old, possibly Next too, or maybe debenhams?
Unkempt Hair: Model's own lol!

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