Thursday, 8 October 2009

8th October - Turquoise tights and flower

Variation on a theme today. (I reassure you I straightend my tops out after seeing the photos!)

Tank and Flower: Sainsburys
Top: Next
Skirt and Tights: Tesco
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins


SHOEGAL said...

There is nothing wrong with this outfit. How mean of people to leave you bad votes. Perhaps try it with a solid black top next time? I love that you're trying things out of your comfort zone. Would you have worn this outfit last winter?

Anonymous said...

There were 4 "bad" votes, whcih have now disappeared after I changed the wording!

I wonder whether it's just a bit "out there" for a lot of people? Not everyone is a wacky as us bloggers lol!

Definitely would not have worn this last winter, but will definitely try it again this winter - getting a response, good or bad, is definitely better than being dull lol :-)

Anonymous said...

I think the flowers look like clown's flowers! Sorry, you did ask! Not just on you but in general. They just seem a bit 'random' if that makes sense?!