Monday, 23 November 2009

23rd November - Things that make you go Hmmm...

This was another attempt at wearing an essentially "summer" skirt in the winter. And I'm not convinced.

As we were leaving Kira, forever the critic, said "oh no Mum, not the boots, not that skirt with those boots, please don't get out of the car at school" (she's 9!).

With hindsight I think she may well have had a point (although I think she didn't need to have quite such an extreme reaction!) - but given the weather this morning, and the fact that these are these nearest thing to wellies without actually wearing my wellies to work, I feel a little bit justified. But the look is more "clumpy" than I was intending.

Jumper: Tesco
Blouse: Sainsburys
Skirt: Next
Boots: Clarks

1 comment:

SHOEGAL said...

It would have been better with more delicate, pointy boots I think.