Monday, 30 November 2009

30th November - Black and red, and Rennie Mackintosh

Uninspired again today - although I'm liking the red/black mix!

These gloomy days don't inspire me at all - eagle eyed viewers will have noticed I hadn't even opened the curtains this morning!

This necklace is another hand-me-down from Granny Mick - her wonderful second husband Bill (they married when she was 81 and he was 89, and had 5 very happy years together) was a big Rennie Mackintosh fan, so she's got some lovely pieces. This one came my way early last year, when she was having one of her clearouts! It's solid silver, and really quite heavy!

Blouse: Sainsburys
Jumper: Tesco
Skirt: Next
Boots: Clarks

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