Sunday, 8 November 2009

8th November - Powered by Mercedes Benz Live

Shabby quality photos today (not that my photographic skills are usually particularly hot-shot, but today's were taken in a mirror with my mobile in a toilet porta-cabin!)

Today we left home at 8.30 for go to an end of the F1 season celebration event at Mercedes Benz World - and excellent free event, where we got to see all sorts of cars racing around their little track, and the highlight was Lewis Hamilton in his F1 car :-)

I popped in Sainsburys yesterday to get some baking potatoes for our pre-fireworks dinner, and thought I'd take a wander down the clothing aisle to look for something warm to wear to the fireworks.

This coat was on the sale rail - £35, reduced to £22, then all the clothing was 25% off, so a new, very warm, winter coat for £16.50! (the reflective bits are on my rucksack straps, and aren't part of my coat!).

Anyway, today was very cold and windy, but mercifully dry! My hat was a necessity though, and once I decided to give in a wear it (I don't suit hats, so I just don't "do" hats unless absolutely necessary! And once it's on, it needs to stay on such is the damage to my hairdo!) I was so much warmer!

Coat: Sainsburys
Jeans: Next
Hat: Accessorize
Scarf: Pashmina stand somewhere!

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