Friday, 27 November 2009

Where do I get my clothes?

A lot of you are in the UK, and will recognise the names of the shops I purchase my clothes from, but from those of you not in the UK (and my stats show there are a fair few of you to!), here's a quick run down!

Sainsbury's/Tesco/Asda - these are massive supermarket chains, who do a sideline in clothes. I tend to browse the clothes whenever I am in doing the grocery shop, rather than going in specifically to clothes shop.

Next/Dorothy Perkins/New Look - Proper "clothes" shops - not high-end at all, but pretty "middle of the range". I tend to pop into Next and Dorothy Perkins on my way home from work as they have shops in a retail park on the way home, and New Look is just when I'm taking the girls shopping as they have a fab girls range - I usually only buy shoes from there as I feel it's stock is quite "young".

M&S - I suspect most of you have heard of Marks and Spencers? It's a big "staples" type clothing store - been around for years and years and my Mum shops there! They have introduced new ranges in the recent years, aimed at different markets, but I tend to shop for staple items such as knickers, bras, tights, socks, school uniform and t-shirts rather than "fashion" items, if you know what I mean!

Clarks - is where most of the nation's school children get their school shoes from, there's a Clarks on every high street! I'm sure they used to be really fuddy duddy for adult shoes, but in recent years I've either turned fuddy duddy, or their range has got far more trendy! You've still got to be careful as they still stock "granny shoes"!

So there you have it - most of my wardrobe is from Supermarkets!


Sheila said...

Supermarkets (big box ones, where you buy everything in gigantic sizes) and some drug stores now sell limited clothing, but the bulk of it in Canada is through malls (enclosed indoor, multi-level) or boutiques (single shops on the street).

We used to have Marks & Spencers here - it closed about 20 years ago, but I remember them having good underwear...and granny clothes!

Anonymous said...

You're just too classy for the likes of me - no Primarni on the list!!!