Thursday, 31 December 2009

31st December - Day Time Mooching

Just spending today "Chillaxing" before tonights celebrations. We are off to our friends for a party, kids and everything :-) If it's as good as last year's we should have a blast. Still not decided what to wear though.....

Today's top is on I bought on my Sales shopping trip, but it wasn't in the sale! The small pictures blend the lines together and make my eyes go funny, which, I promise, doesn't happen in real life! I'm not convinced that the horizontal stripes are overly flattering, but I like the length of the body and the sleeves, and the button detail on the sleeves.

Jeans: Next
Top: Gap

Monday, 28 December 2009

I've got a "major award"

Thank you so much to Sheila from Ephemera Fashion Blog who has awarded this humble little blog her award of the year for The Blog That Understands That People Love to Push Buttons!

It's a little obscure as awards go, granted, but I've not been awarded anything before, so I'll take any award given, I'm not proud ;-)

Thank you Sheila - your blog is an inspiration, and your comments always appreciated :-)

28th December - Sale Shopping, again!

Today Steve and Rhian were going to Basingstoke to the cinema to see Avatar, so Kira and I decided to hitch a lift and hit the shops!

Basingstoke was absolutely heaving, but I went knowing what I was looking for, and managed to tick the following off my "wish list":

A black smart jacket for work (to wear over the multitude of little dresses I now possess!),

A pair of mittens (gloves just aren't keeping my fingers warm at the moment!),

Jeans in the sale (I don't need jeans right now, but I've been wearing the same 2 bootleg pairs now for over a year, and they're bound to go at the knees soon, and it's silly not to buy Next Jeans when they're less than half price!)

A blue and white striped top, which will no doubt be making it's blog debut soon!

Today's top is the other "keep" item from the Boxing Day Next sale - it's an "all in one", with a woolly knitted waistcoat, and shirt tails, sleeves and a collar sewn on :-) The smartness of a shirt, with the comfort of a jumper - best of both worlds! I do feel it's a little bit long. I did have it on with leggings initally, but have decided that I'm too old and my legs are too skinny for leggings these days! (after seeing a bit of video Steve posted on twitter of me dancing to Boogie on the Wii! I looked like the old guy out of Steptoe and Son!)

Top and Jeans: Next
Boots: Barretts (and again, these were surprisingly comfy for 3 hours wandering around shops!)

Sunday, 27 December 2009

27th December - Gym, then Jumper Dress

I was very virtuous and went to combat this morning. I was a bit concerned when there was only 3 people in class at 9.25, but by them time we started at 9.30 the class had miraculously filled up nicely!

Hoodie: Dorothy Perkins
Trousers: TKMaxx

This one of the potentially 2 "keepers" from the Next sale yesterday! It's not particuarly shapely, and perhaps might look better with a wide purple belt? But it is supremely comfy!

Dress: Next
Tights: Sainsburys

26th December - Next Sale!

Late Christmas Day my super sister Lou and I decided to hit the Next sale on Boxing Day. Next is famed for it's sale, but I have resisted the urge to go on the first day before. It started at 7.00 am, and we decided to leave it until 8.30 to go.

We got there just before 9.00, and had to wait 20 minutes outside the shop. When we went in Lou headed straight for the kids clothes, while I perused the ladies section. I couldn't find much I liked, and ended up joining the queue with 4 things. Lou had a whole pile of girls clothes for my niece!

We spent 2 hours in the queue for the tills! During this time we both headed off seperately to continue browsing, and I came home with a jumper for Steve, jeans for Rhian and a whole ton of clothes for Kira! 3 out of the 5 things I bought for myself are going back though - they were impulse buys and just not quite right. The 4th thing is also in question too!

Would I bother going on the first day again? No. It was lovely to spend some uninterrupted time chatting with my sister with no kids about, but the clothes and bargains really weren't worth it. I shall leave the Next sale to my usual tactic of heading in a few days later when they start accepting returns - so many people buy stuff then return it there is always a great selection, and I will pop in regularly for the next 2 weeks, as the bargains get better towards when the pickings reduce! I wandered about wearing my boots, but I have to say they are really comfortable!

Cardi: Jasper Conran @debenhams
Black Top: Dorothy Perkins
Jeans: Next
Boots: Barretts

25th December - Red Dress

And here it is, the long (haha!) awaited Christmas Dress! It is a lovely comfortable stretchy jersey material, and the black belt is elasticated, so just right for Christmas Day!

The boots are my Christmas present from my lovely hubby! I love them, but am still not particularly happy with the fit at the top - they look a bit like wellies! (very high heeled wellies!) - but I do feel very glamorous in them :-)

I think I'm going to like this cardigan, which I bought especially to go with the dress - it's droopy at the front, but is gathered in at the back, giving it shape. I didn't realise until the morning that I could tie it up as well, and spent the morning with it tied up, and untied it later in the day :-)

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Cardi: Sainsburys
Boots: Barretts

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve - Apologies!

Apologies for the lack of photos this week - I've been concentrating hard on getting to work in the awful weather we've been having, and I've not even thought about taking any photographs!

I will probably be taking a small break for the festive season - I will take photos when I can, and post them as and when I get a chance!

I would like to take this chance though to thank everyone who reads this blog for their ratings and input during this year, I feel I've come quite a long way, and that's due to your help!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, 18 December 2009

18th December - snow day - "Cake or Death"!

Kira's school is closed today, apparently because of the snow, but I think perhaps the teachers have just not finished their Christmas shopping, as we've only had about 5 cms! Anyway, the forecase was bad so I planned ahead and brought a load of notes home with me that needed typing just in case, so I'm working from home today!

Steve bought me this T-shirt when we went to see Eddie Izzard a couple of weeks ago - it says "Cake or Death" on the front! Not quite sure what he was thinking of size-wise though - he bought me a medium, and was surprised that it's quite big!

Jeans and long-sleeved T: Next
T-shirt - Eddie Izzard merchandise!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

17th December - New Frock!

Firstly can I just say how impressed I am with Dorothy Perkins online service! I saw the dress I wanted to buy for Christmas in the shop on Monday, but they didn't have my size, so I hopped online when I got home at about 4.30 on Monday. 48 hours later it arrived :-)

While I was looking for my Christmas Dress, I spotted this little number in the sale :-) and for £15 I think I've got myself a bit of a bargain - it's fully lined and everything ;-)

Dress and shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Cardi: Tesco
Child: Model's own, unfortunately ;-) (although I'll offer her ffp, if anyone's up to the challenge!)

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

16th December - Black and Navy? I remain unconvinced!

Navy blue is one of "my colours", and it's a colour I used to wear a lot of - I used to always buy shoes in black and navy, and had navy trousers and skirts which I wore all the time. Currently navy is not so in vogue, and I've not seen navy shoes/trousers/skirts in the shops for a while (admittedly I've not looked very hard!).

I;ve always been brought up to think that wearing navy and black together makes you look like a bruise, so have never, ever done it before, but when I saw shoegal wearing a black and navy outfit a week or so ago, then I saw a navy jumper in Dorothy Perkins, I decided to give it a whirl.

I'm afraid to say I remain unconvinced - I think my lovely navy jumper will be kept for wearing with my jeans.

What do you think though? Black and Navy - yay or nay?

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

15th December - Green Jumper and Christmas Decs!

Today was our Christmas lunch at work, so I donned my personal Christmas Decorationns! The Candy Cane earrings were part of a set of 3 from a couple of years ago, and the star on my jumper is a "help the hospices" star - a cause very close to my heart as our local hospice helped my Dad so much during his illness.

The jumper is actually greener than it looks in the photo!

Jumper: Dorothy Perkins (from Outfit - there's some jeans in that bag for Rhian that have got to go back!)
Shirt: Sainsburys
Skirt: Tesco
Boots: M&S

Monday, 14 December 2009

What will you be wearing Christmas Day?

I'm very excited as I've just ordered a dress for Christmas day - usually I just stick on a nice top with some jeans, but this year I've decided to wear a dress for a change - poor S never gets to see me in a dress as he goes to work before I get dressed, and by the time he gets home I'm back in casual gear!

I'm going to leave you in suspense about my dress until nearer the time - but what will you be wearing?

14th December - Black and Red

Another outfit that usually gets an "indifferent" vote - but I figure "indifferent" is better than "bad"! I have tried blinging it up in a subtle way with the beads today!

I have been shopping today, and purchased a couple of new jumpers, in "new" colours for me - one navy, and one green, so watch out for those in the next few days!

Please excuse Rhian in the first photo - I didn't realise she was there until after I'd got changed out of the outfit!

What a lot of exclamation marks today!!!

Jumper and Trousers: Tesco
Blouse: Sainsburys
Boots: M&S
Beads: Matalan

Sunday, 13 December 2009

13th December - Purple Jumper Dress

Special guest appearance from our Christmas Tree today! It only went up yesterday, so I'm not annoyed with it yet!

This jumper dress is a new Ebay purchase - the leggings aren't actually shiney - it's a trick of the camera flash! (I seriously hope!)

I do kind of feel like I've forgotten to put a skirt on though, so I'm not sure I'd wear it with leggings anywhere where I'm going to be required to take my coat off! I'll try it with skinnies next I think!

I was showing Rhian how we used to wear Over the knee socks "back in the day" - she was agog that we used to wear white socks wrinkled down over black tights!

Jumper : Dorothy Perkins
Leggings: Next

Friday, 11 December 2009

11th December - Black and Grey

First off, can I just say a ma-hoo-sive "Happy Birthday" to Rhian - 14 today! How on earth I've got a daughter who is 14 I will never know! Surely she was only born a couple of years ago or something?!

I love this cardi, but I'm thinking I'd like something similar in a "colour" (grey is a "non-colour" in my mind!) - if anyone sees anything anywhere can you let me know please?!

Cardi: Jasper Conran @Debenhams
Top: M&S
Trousers: Tesco
Shoes: New Look

Thursday, 10 December 2009

10th December - Black, White with Pink tights

I bought these tights on a whim a couple of weeks ago, but didn't have anything to tie them into an outfit, until a colleague suggested the pink belt.

I think perhaps though I should have tucked the white top in so it wasn't showing to give a cleaner line.

Tank: Sainsburys
Skirt and Tights: Tesco
Top: Next
Boots: M&S

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

9th December - trying again with the trousers and waistcoat!

This outfit always gets "indfferent" reviews, so today I added a red flower broach to try and bling it up a bit!

Trousers, Waistcoat, Top: Next
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Broach: Evans

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

8th December - Turquoise and Purple

A bit uninspired today, but it was an office day with nothing exciting happening, so jumper and trousers worked ok.

Jumper: Sainsburys
Vest: Primark
Trousers: Tesco
Shoes: New Look

Monday, 7 December 2009

7th December - Asymetric and Purple

Left the flower off today, and nobody mentioned weddings to me at all!

Dress: Jasper Conran (via ebay)
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Vest: Primark
Tights: Tesco
Boots: M&S

Sunday, 6 December 2009

6th December - Jumper Dress and Leggings, again!

My lovely Gran was 96 on Friday, so today we had a family meal out for 12 of us at her local chinese buffet restaurant.

The jumper dress from Thursday was worn again, and I was brave and wore the leggings! Bizarrely, my sister, who hasn't worn leggings in the last decade either, also turned up in leggings!

The peppermint vest from yesterday also put in a reappearance!

Jumper and Leggings: Next
Vest: Primark
Boots: Clarks

Saturday, 5 December 2009

5th December - Guest - this is how to wear it!

Rhian took the lovely purple shirt off my hands, and is wearing it with flair!

Shirt: Tesco
Vest and Jeans: Next
Boots: Germany!

5th December - Pub Lunch Saturday

Mooching around the house this morning, but we're meeting friends for lunch at the pub shortly. (I'm in a bit of social whirl, and won't actually have to cook properly until Tuesday!)

Popped in Primark yesterday to buy something R had requested for her Christmas present, and saw these little vest tops - £1.50 each, so I got this one (Peppermint from my colour chart!) and a purple one. I like the way the peppermint cheers up the black - and I like that they're long enough to show at the bottom as well.

Jumper: Tesco
Jeans: Next
Vest and Socks: Primark

Friday, 4 December 2009

4th December - Christmas Shopping Day

Today Steve and I had the day off to do our annual marathon of a Christmas Shop!

I think we've nearly finished, certainly the vast majority is purchased!

I bought this little skirt earlier in the week, after seeing a friend in a shorter skirt I suddenly thought "why not, I'm 38, not 58!" and found this in Next. It's black cord, and has a combat style pocket on each side.

I also chose myself some lovely high heeled boots today, which Steve is giving to me for Christmas :-) I did have trouble though, and discovered where Kira gets her skinny little legs from! It was really hard to find a pair that didn't look like wellies and flap about around my calfs! (calves?!). The pair I ended up with are the best of a bad job, the look OK, but will look best with Skinnies tucked inside!

Skirt: Next
Blouse: Gap
Tank: Sainsburys
Boots: Clarks
Coat: Tesco